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Colombian Fishscale cocaine

$100.00 $75.00

$75 per Gram

Minimum order 4 grams

Rocks candy shop is an online cocaine shop which sells lab tested products of good quality and sells to all who are in need of our quality cocaine.

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Colombian Fishscale cocaine| Buy drugs online

Here we are discussing Colombian Fishscale cocaine which is commonly known as coke, cracks, freebase,snow. So talking about its consumption methodsĀ  it can be injected via a vein, snorted, or smoked. Consuming cocaine more than its usage limit will be going to affect our body in many ways such as physical damage or mental damage. And particularly talking about a pure Colombian fish scale then it is one of the purest forms of cocaine that is easily available on our shop.

Consumers should know some facts and usage of the drug before using it to avoid the physical damage or mental damage to our body. So here are some facts-Cocaine is the second drug after cannabis which is illegal across the globe.
Cocaine is the second most common drug in the western region.

Fishscale cocaine is somewhat white.

Side Effects of Colombian Fishscale cocaine
Consuming pure Colombian cocaine without any guidance or limit is harmful to our body. Therefore here are some side effects-
Loss of contact with reality, agitation.
Sharp feeling of pleasure
Coughing up blood, itching, fever, etc.


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